Wood, the original solid surface countertop, is the way to show charm and unmatched character. For centuries wood has been used for furniture and we didnít think twice about it. Why not have solid wood as a countertop?  Our tried and true manufacturing process insures that only the best materials are used to provide our customers with durable hardworking countertops.

Q. Is it going to scratch?
A. With the finishes we put on our butcher block countertops, makes them scratch resistant. Sure if somebody gets hold of a knife and slices into the counter the same thing is going to happen with wood as all other counters itís going to show a knife mark. Nice thing about wood is it is a repairable and renewable surface.

Q. Is it waterproof?
A. With either of our finishes they are both waterproof.

Q. How about maintenance?
A. Our varnish finish is maintenance free. While our natural penetrating oil needs a bit of easy maintenance, depending on the use about once every 2 months for the first year and then annually for life. Application is as easy as 123, its wipe on wipe off with our penetrating oil.

Q. What type of oil should I use? We use pure tung oil.
A. Over the years of developing our company we have found that tung oil gives the best waterproofing properties and is also as natural. Other oils work too such as: mineral oil, linseed oil, bees wax,  Vegetable oils and olive oil are strongly discouraged they will go rancid and foul your beautiful butcher block.

Q. Will they stain?
A. No not ours. Itís whatís put on the wood that protects it. We have done lots of testing from red wine to curry paste. Our finishes penetrate deep into the wood sealing the pores of the wood giving a highly stain resistant surface. Strong chemicals like ammonia over time will weaken the coating.

Q. How do I clean them?
A. Just the olí wipe down with the dish rag in soap and water is sufficient.

Q. Will they warp?
A. Weíve thought about this one and have developed a way to manufacture butcher block with the proper grain orientation so the product holds itself stable. We also seal our tops to insure a warp free countertop.

Q. How strong is the glue joins?
A. Our glue we use is designed specifically for butcher block and cutting board applications. With 4000 pounds per square inch of holding power and 90% wood failure over glue failure our laminating line is up to the task.

Q. Why are wood countertops so hard to find?
A. Butcher Block is very difficult to manufacture and requires a high level of skill and knowledge to produce the right top.

Q. Will my neighbor have one?
A. Probably not.

Q. Will I like my new solid wood countertop
A. You sure will.

Q. Will heat affect a wood countertop? 
A. Our wood countertops are very heat resistant and have been routinely tested with hot pots and pans directly off the stove with no adverse affects.

Q. Are wood countertops food safe?
A. Yes the finishes we put on Culinary Hardwoods butcher block countertops is food safe.

More questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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